A Daughter of Two Mothers
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A Daughter of Two Mothers

Author: Miriam Cohen
Pages: 540
Publisher: Philipp Feldheim
Publication Date: 2007
Finished? Yes, on
Signed? Yes
First Edition? Yes
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A Daughter of Two Mothers is the utterly captivating and remarkable story of a young girl s coming-of-age in the years prior to, and during, WWII.

This true account of betrayal and abduction, of a determined mother s relentless search for her missing daughter, and of a daughter s quest for her true identity, is filled with intrigue and unexpected twists and turns, as it taps into the full spectrum of human experience and emotion.

Set against a harrowing backdrop of European nations preparing for and then plunged into war, A Daughter of Two Mothers becomes as unbelievable as it is unforgettable.

What emerges most of all are the towering testimonies to courage and faith personified by two extraordinary women: a mother who never lets go of her love and loyalty to her daughter, and a daughter driven and determined to reunite with her mother.

Ultimately uplifting and filled with the nobility of the human spirit, A Daughter of Two Mothers is a book to savor as it depicts the heart s capacity for light and hope during one of history s most brutal and darker chapters.